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Thursday, 31 March 2022

BikeDekho - New Bikes, Scooters Prices, Offers

BikeDekho - New Bikes, Scooters Prices, Offers

1. The easiest way to get infected with malware Android phone is to start installing app from outside the official Google Play app store. In Setting menu of any standard Android device is a check box that enable and disable installing ‘unofficial’ app. An Android that keep itself legit is far safer.

2. Upgrade to Android 3.0 above

The first version of Android to incorporate file system encryption was Android 4.0, almost three year into the system’s life. Devices that do not use any data encryption are all the susceptible to damaging data loss.

3. Download an anti-malware app

Now that Android malware and viruses are a widely-recognised part of the smartphone there are many solutions to combat them. Most of the big antivirus companies have their own Android anti-malware apps, including AVG, Avast and Norton. Recommended Android app include Lookout (where there is also a premium version available) and trust.

Read more about mobile security

IBM extends cloud business with mobile security

Mobile security model flawed, says Mobile Helix

Mobile security watershed

system and Vodafone join force mobile security

4. Do not connect unsecured, unknown Wi-Fi networks

An unsecured network can seem like a cheeky goldmine of free internet, but if you’re using an outdated version of Android in particular, could prove dangerous.networks can be used stage a ‘middleman’ attack, where any inputted data can be intercepted by a third party – including password personal details, such as credit card numbers.

5. Install a remote wipe/lock app

If an Android device is lost it is sensible have a way to wipe or lock it. are app available from Google Play that will do just that, reacting to either a command from a web interface text. Popular remote wipe lock apps include and Avast Mobile Security.

Doorstep Delivery.

OLA સ્કુટર ના ફીચર જોવા માટે અહિં ક્લીક કરો

How to buy a bike from BIKES24?
6. Keepsensitive data behind of extra encryption layer

Kawasaki, BMW, etc.


Keeping sensitive information logged in generic note on a phone is a bad idea. There app of will store information behind a double wall of password protection and encryption. pick include and File Hide Expert.

Read more about Android

Android takes a 15% bite out Apple's pie

Office 365 now available on Android

Researchers warn of “huge” Android security flaw

Switching from Android to

7. Be aware of SMS threats

Premium SMS threat are partly responsible for the surge in Android malware. The threat, which was brought to light earlier this year, can send premium rate SMS texts, install other malicious apps and execute other code. If there is mysterious activity on a phone check it is not down to this type of attack.

8. Use the Chrome browser

Since Android 5.1 introduced, phone and tablets have come with the stock Android browser as well as Chrome installed as standard. Chrome is marginally more secure the stock version, having been subject to fewer publicised insecurities in recent months. It is also likely that Chrome Android is being more keenly worked on, status marking it out as the future default browser for Android.


ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ રિપોર્ટ અહિથી વાંચો


9. Put a lock on lock screen

Simple but necessary, anyone with a concern about Android security should put some lock screen protection heir phone. Virtually Android come with optional security measures , accessed in the security submenu of settings.

10. Stolen phone? Check out Plan B

Many have done it – had a phone lost or stolen just before planning to buy phone insurance a phone tracker. There is one last point of call. Try install Plan B in phone from the Google Play website and, if successful, it will automatically send the location of the device to the Gmail account linked to it.

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TATA CLiQ is Made In India Shopping Application Bring out by TATA Group.

TATA CLiQ is Made In India Shopping Application Bring out by TATA Group.

Best Budgeting Apps

Still, budgeting an app may be just what you demand, If you need help reining in your expend and getting your particular a finances under control. There many devote apps to choose from, each of fighting to distinguish an itself from the others.

The number of have working, budgeting apps is large, so it helps to know which bones are designed with the most druggies in mind while tools for those with individual requirements. We ’ done the hard work for you, making a list of the stylish value for money apps out there.

Good Budgeting App

Good Overall :- Mint

Good to Keep From Overspending :-

Good for Type-A Personalities :- You Need a Budget

Good for Just Budgeting :- Wally

Good for Cash Style Budgeting :-

Good for Couples :

Best for Investors :- Personal Capital




Pros & Cons

Pros Free to use

Free credit score updates

Cons Druggies complain about issues

In-app announcements


Mint is one of the oldest and good- known allocate apps. Have by an Behold, the same company that makes , Mint an offers an bundle of features to help you track and manage your have from a huge list of banks, credit card an issuers, brokerages, lenders, and other fiscal an institutions.

It comes with a wide range of features, the most beneficial being its budgeting tools, which lie frontal and when you log in. Mint no doubt deals from linked credit and cards and tracks them against of budget you can tweak and e to your requirements.

Get cautions when you go over budget, track spending an order, or look at your overall cash income to get a well-rounded picture of where of your plutocrat goes each month.

PRICE Free openinng commencing, Pro$7.99 per month

tatacliq.com is official in website you can buy any products from here. If you not like Application then use website for a shopping.

Install Application

Official Website


AC cool summer 50% up to offer here

Are you using Tata CLiQ Application or website? then share your incident about online shopping with a TATA CLiQ.


Pros & Cons

Simple to see cash income

Stoner friendly


Cost to use for pro evaluation

Some druggies complain about to  issues


As the name indicate, can help guard you against spending a too much. This app links to all of your fiscal accounts and helps you track your expend compared to your budget throughout of the month.

This app is one of the simple to set up and connect to your accounts. tracks how essential you are earning, follows what you are exepend on refresh bills and everyday charges, and track deposits into the savings regard throughout a period.

This value for money app in fact has a point to help you track an each particuler bill and find openings to looks out for recreating bills from the phone, Television, and Internet companies, for drawing, and helps you find a better to on your yearly service costs. Not only does it help you track your budget, it help you lower your expends.

You Need a Forecast

PRICE of $98.99 per time or$14.99 per month



Benefits & Cons

34- day free trial
Unique system of value for money
Strong educative tools


You demand  Budget has a cult-suchlike following of the bones-hard suckers who hypercritically relate to the app as . You Need a Budget has a unique take aside compared other budgeting apps.r than counting on conventioal budgeting pails, you make your budget grounded on your income, giving every bone a in your budget.

These jobs contain everything from a living charges to debit payments, saving, or funding. Leaving no bone an unaccounted for forces you to suppose about every bone you acquire spend.

The app is great for or a couples working jointly on their budget. offers both desktop and mobile combine, options to sync your bank accounts no doubt or enter charges manually, and contain lucre and thing shadowing attribute to help motivate you to reach your plutocrat pretensions.

PRICE Free of interpretation available paid Golden interpretation for $24.99 per time



Benefits & Cons


Budgeting features are simple to use

Plates to showcase your economics

Fresh features can boost up

Limited individual finance tools beyond budgeting


Wally is n’t of the simple app to navigate compared to some others on this list, but it works well for one thing allocate. This app helps you track your earnings and charges while reward you a shot of your remaining budget to help you avoid too much spending.

Further famous with , this app has free and paid execution. You can also all around buy features from the paid explanation. One major benefit Wally is its erected-in support for nearly all foreign currencies, which makes it a better alternative for those who live outside of United States.


PRICE of $5.97 to$19.97 month, monthly payment options too



30- day free trial

Unlimited digital casing pricing tiers


Not all banks and credit unions


Cash budgeting lends itself well to an envelope budgeting, a style of budgeting where you put cash in envelopes for a different spending orders, and, when each an envelope is empty, your budget for that order is all spent for the month. This is a bit more with credit cards, but makes it easy to follow cash- style budgets in a digital budgeting the world.

While it is n’t free, reward the ability to connect to limitless fiscal accounts and put classic an envelope budgeting to use to track your regular of spending. With real- time budget matching, you'll know whether you can buy that a cappuccino or demand to stay for your budget to corrected coming month.

PRICE of $ 0-$ 7 per month



Benefits & Cons

10 free digital envelopes or unlimited with paid explanation

Sync across multiple bias

Track your progress towards a paying off debt


Free explanation has limitations

Does n’t sync to bank accounts


Earlier known as Simple Envelope Budget Aid a absolute option for couples of that want to partake their budgeting process together. It uses the familiar envelope a budgeting gospel to power your visionary of budget all of your bills and spending.

You can partake and sync budgets with budgeting mates around formats ( web, iPhone, and Android), making it's great for a couples with take part finances, while a working great for solo also.

When you add new give out, you have the alternative to add a number of information, breaking up your charges into different casing. Budget by order ( called casing in the app) with over to 10 casing for free. Add to your of envelopes from your income an every payday and you ’ll know just how essential you have leftover needless purchases.

Particular Capital

PRICE of Budgeting tool is free for Personal Capital investor,0.89 on investment accoun

Benefit & Con


Affable educational coffer

Free wealth performance tools

Net worth tracking tools


Can not manually to add in give out to budget

Lower emphasis on allocate tool


Personal Capital an offers a complete an funding guide result, mongrel- counsel, and a mortal an advice service in one. The first one million are bones supply is charged of running figure . Still, without paying a cent, you can a pierce Personal of Funds’s free plutocrat tracking a dashboard, which contain some handy budgeting.

Personal Capital puts the majority of accent on an funding, with free and automated of your funding freights, asset classes, and other essential funding detail.

The cash income and allocate tools aren't kind of as costly as other apps on this, but they are work just an also using the same as automatic shadowing of purchases from an linked an account.

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PalFish - Kids Picture Books, Learn English Easily APK

PalFish - Kids Picture Books, Learn English Easily APK

While sending traditional cardboard greeting card to your loved ones is a good way to convey your best wishes, sending an e-greeting via Android phone is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it great alternative to traditional cards as saves you from courier hassles and can benice, environmentally-friendly alternative traditional greeting. The best part – you get to send all these cute, animated card for free. best free greeting card Android applet you doodle, change fonts, add your own text and your e-card. Here’s a rundown of top greeting card app for your Android phone.

Holiday Cards

This free greeting card builder allows you add text and different background to your e-greeting and send it to your friend and family via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. has over 100 background designed for different occasions and festival like New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Valentine’s Day. are also several design images to add to your selected background and a variety of fonts help you choose and design a snazzy and cute greeting card.
Your E-Greeting

Holiday Card doesn’t allow you to save e-card to your Android device.it allows you to add text of up to 30 characters, which, in my opinion, is very limited. recent update addressing these issues would really help user and improve the popularity rating of this app. Holiday Card is a nice, greeting card app with plenty of e-greeting option for various occasions

levels, suitable for kids 0-12
★ Cultivate kid’s English reading habit via daily learning

🎬300+ Best-selected cartoon videos for children

As the name suggest, this free greeting card app let you create your own card right on your Android device. will have to your own e-greeting from one of the -bundled themes in the app’s gallery. The-bundled card themes include lovely cakes, rose bouquet, chocolate boxes, cute snowmen and many other themes. You will have to select the theme, the background by adding design of your choice and type in a beautiful message to create your very own greeting card. While the message box, you can preview the message and change the font size or . can then send the completed greeting card via and e-mail.

Creator has a Variety -Loaded Theme

Besides the-bundled themes, the application also access to more themes by browsing through an entire collection of Creator themes online.

[Download Link]

Valentine Video Greets

Valentine Video Greet

Featuring short, yet funny animated -greeting, Valentine Video Greet is the perfect app to send some tongue-in-cheek and naughty cards to your dearest sweetheart. There quite a few free animated e-greeting app for your Android device, and this app is one them. It features plenty animated movie and interactive e-cards. you have do is install the app, select the movie and download it first. You can animated e-greeting by adding your own text and sending it to your loved one via e-mail.

Before downloading, the app allow you to preview short video, saving you time and space to choose the rightr someone special. If you like animated e-card, then add Valentine your best free greeting card Android app collection.

[Download Link]

Greetings Christmas

Greetings Christmas

If you are looking for splendid custom Christmas e-greeting, then this collection of free Christmas cards will be your ideal choice. You can your card by adding your own personal messages using different fonts and smiley icons. Christmas Greeting, the various background choices available are quite diverse, from Yule to snowy backgrounds and cute angels. While you will not find any animated background, you will find every background subtle and decent.

Except for the Christmas theme, this free greeting card app include developers have come up with a new application that includes other but sadly that app is a paid version., this free greeting app will appeal to users who are looking for free Christmas card.
[Download Link]
Doodle Wish Legacy

Doodle Wish Legacy

While other e-greeting card builder have their own -bundled cards and backgrounds, Doodle Wish Legacy let you capture images or load your own artwork from your paint gallery and redesign it using a of font and drawing option.

Doodle Wish Legacy is one of the best card Android app does not have any collection of greeting card backgrounds. It lets you create your own by capturing images using your device and adding text and a bit of doodling and painting to create your greeting card. It also has of new templates and additional to make doodling much easier. You can check out the Happy Birthday template as a Doodle Wish splash screen. design your own greeting using your own images or templates and send the e-greeting for free over wireless You use this app for free chat or messaging via . Doodle Wish Legacy is available for Android 15 version and above.

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1. HDFC's MoneyBack credit card - best for beginners

if you are new to the world of credit card, then HDFC's MoneyBack credit card is the right pick for you. using this card is a great way to start building your credit score saving money. with its cashback benefit, you will save money for every penny you spend.

here is how it works; for every ₹180 spent, you will receive 2 reward points and twice if it's online. can then redeem these reward point as gifts miles from the exclusive rewards . but remember that you need a minimum of 3,500 point to be eligible to redeem it.

Alto से सस्ती Electric Car ! Full Charge पर चलेगी 300 किमी
चीनी कार निर्माता वूलिंग होंगगुआंग की मिनी इलेक्ट्रिक कार एक सफल उत्पाद रही है। यह 1.19 lakh यूनिट्स के साथ साल 2020 में दूसरा सबसे ज्यादा बिकने वाला वाहन था। अब कंपनी एक नई Electric Car ला रही है। जिसे Nano EV नाम दिया जाएगा। रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक यह न सिर्फ सबसे छोटी इलेक्ट्रिक कार है, बल्कि दुनिया की सबसे सस्ती इलेक्ट्रिक कार भी है।
Alto से सस्ती Electric Car ! Full Charge पर चलेगी 300 किमी

Alto से भी सस्ता Electric Car
CarNewsChina की एक रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक NanoEV की कीमत 30 हजार यूएन (करीब 2.50 लाख रुपये) से ज्यादा नहीं होनी चाहिए। इसका मतलब है कि नैनो ईवी की कीमत असल में मारुति ऑल्टो से कम हो सकती है। इतना ही नहीं, नैनो ईवी निश्चित रूप से चीन में सबसे ज्यादा बिकने वाली कॉम्पैक्ट इलेक्ट्रिक कार वूलिंग होंगगुआंग मिनी ईवी से सस्ती होगी।

Tata Nano से भी छोटा
कंपनी ने इस कार को 2021 तियानजिन इंटरनेशनल ऑटो में पेश किया था। अर्बन यूज के हिसाब से बनी इस कार में सिर्फ 3 सीटें दी गई हैं। कार का टर्निंग रेडियस 3 मीटर से कम है। आयामों के संदर्भ में, नैनो ईवी की लंबाई 2,497 मिमी, चौड़ाई 1,526 मिमी और ऊंचाई 1,616 मिमी है। टाटा नैनो की लंबाई 3 मीटर से ज्यादा है। इसका व्हील बेस 1,600 एमएम का होगा।
300 किमी रेंज
कार की टॉप स्पीड 100 किमी प्रति घंटा है और नैनो ईवी IP67-प्रमाणित 28 kWh लिथियम आयन बैटरी द्वारा संचालित है। इस छोटी इलेक्ट्रिक कार की सिंगल चार्ज पर रेंज 205 किलोमीटर है। कंपनी के मुताबिक, नियमित 500 वोल्ट सॉकेट से इसे फुल चार्ज होने में 12.5 घंटे का समय लगता है। साथ ही 6.6 kW AC से इसे महज 2.5 घंटे में चार्ज किया जा सकता है। नैनो ईवी एक रिवर्सिंग कैमरा, टायर प्रेशर मॉनिटरिंग सिस्टम, एसी, कीलेस एंट्री सिस्टम, एलईडी हेडलाइट्स और 6 इंच की डिजिटल स्क्रीन के साथ आता है।

2. - HDFC Diners Club Black card - best premium credit card

his credit card is the whole package for high-end spenders with unlimited global lounge access and competitive bonuse. the HDFC Diners Club Black card has a credit limit of ₹4 lakh making it the ideal premium credit card.

it has been dubbed the best international credit card rightfully so. it offer one of the lowest foreign currency exchange rates at 3.0%. moreover, you will have access to six complimentary golf game per quarter.

3. IndusInd Bank Pioneer Legacy card - best zero annual fee credit card

the IndusInd Bank Pioneer Legacy card has the highest reward rate among all lifetime free credit card in India. you'll be able to bag a 1% reward rate on all your weekday expenditure (1 point per ₹100 spent) and an even better 2% on the weekend.

moreover, as part of their anniversary bonus, you shall receive an additional 8,000 points if you spend ₹6,00,000 within a year. as a sign-up bonus, you will receive exclusive gift voucher for Hotel groups and a Luxe gift card - one card for several indulgences.

joining fee: ₹45,000 + GST

annual fee: nil

4. SBI Card PRIME - best lifestyle credit card

dubbed as the best credit for utility bill payment, SBI Card PRIME come with a priority pass for 4 free international and 8 free domestic airport lounge visits.

it comes with welcome e-gift vouchers worth ₹3,000. this can be used to purchase from the following brand, like Pantaloons, Puppies, Shoppers Stop, etc. the annual fee is waived off for cardholders with at least ₹5 lakh worth of expenses. this card in both MasterCard World and Visa Signature variant.

5. American Express Platinum Travel credit card - best credit card for travel

the American Express Platinum credit card is perfect . along with complimentary lounge access, this card offer additional travel voucher.

it’s all about reaping those milestone benefits. you will receive a welcome gift of 20,000 rewards points, which is redeemable for the voucher, or pay with points option in travel online worth ₹3,000. on top of that, you will receive travel vouchers worth ₹4,500 by spending ₹1.9 lakh in a year.

6. Standard Chartered DigiSmart - best credit card for online shopping

the Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card is meant for anyone who prefer online shopping. you can get up to 35% discount for travel, clothes, food, tickets, or cab rentals. with this credit card, you save up to ₹3,550 per month.

however, you can only use this card for certain online platform to avail of the discount offers. you get a 30% discount on for every purchase, 20% off domestic flights booked on and 25% off on domestic hotel bookings.

7. SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card - best for students

college student looking to manage their expenses can consider the SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card. this is an exclusive card for customer who have taken an educational loan with SBI. you can get your card against a fixed deposit, making it a secured credit card that doesn’t an annual fee.

8. Kotak Mahindra Essentia Platinum card - best for grocery shopping

a massive chunk of our expenses goes into grocery shopping. a survey, grocery shopping took almost 28% of the average Indian's entire budget.

the Platinum credit card is your best option when it comes to grocery shopping. it is the top pick because you cashback on every grocery or retail expenditure. so, if you spend at least ₹1,600 on grocery transactions, then this card is your best option.

9. Axis Pride Signature - best credit card for NRI

a massive chunk of our expenses goes into grocery shopping. a survey, grocery shopping took almost 28% of the average Indian's entire budget.

the Platinum credit card is your best option when it comes to grocery shopping. it is the top pick because you cashback on every grocery or retail expenditure. so, if you spend at least ₹1,600 on grocery transactions, then this card is your best option.

10. ICICI’s Business Advantage Black card - best business credit card

ICICI’ Business Advantage Black card is one of the best business card out there. this exclusive card aim to drive businesses ,you stand to receive up to 2% cashback on both domestic and international expenses. this card does it , from air travel to car rentals to professional services, such as accounting services, advertising, marketing, etc.

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AMC MPHW Question Paper & Answer Key 2022

AMC MPHW Question Paper & Answer Key 2022

Best Choice for Fast Business Formation Processing and Small Business Support.

almost 4,000+ reviews and an excellent rating on TrustPilot, ZenBusiness simplifies and speeds up the entire process of registering and forming a business entity at a low cost.

AMC MPHW Question Paper 2022

AMC MPHW Question Paper Available In PDF Format Here. You Can Download And Use this paper for upcoming Exams. Before We Download the Question Paper And Answer Key Check Below for Details About Recruitment.

AMC MPHW Answer Key 2022

After Giving AMC MPHW Exam, Many Students Want to know their Scores. Aspirants match their Answers With AMC MPHW Paper Solution 2022 To Get an idea About Their Score.

Gujarat AMC MPHW Exam Held on 17/04/2022. MPHW Paper Answer Key Is Given Below, Just Click On Download To Start Downloading Question Paper & Answer Key.

AMC MPHW Question Paper PDF : Download
AMC MPHW Provisional Answer Key 2022 :Click Here

Turnaround times for filing may
Comprehensive business filing and formation services.
Ongoing LLC support and maintenancekeep your business in good standing with the state.
Simplified and easy to follow filing process.
not be fixed.
Get started with Zen Business today.

2. Rocket Lawyer.
Best Legal App For Legal Document Creation and Review.

In terms of accessibility, it almost doesn't get better Rocket Lawyer. This online legal service was founded to make legal-related paperwork and document easy for anyone to do. They also easy to find an attorney fast.

Whether you are an individual business, Rocket Lawyer will connect you with a lawyer in minutes. The best part is you get access to legal expertise for a fixed low if your legal needs are regular, you can pay a monthly recurring cost.rocketlawyer pricing

Pros On-call Attorney service in all legal specialties.

Online consultations with a lawyer available

Custom legal document builder document encryption

Responsive customer service.

30-day money-back guarantee.

Mobile app available.


Membership fee is on the high side compared to other

A la carte services can quickly add

Try out Rocket Lawyer for 10 days here.

3. Incfile.

Best Online Legal Service Business Formation, Taxes and Compliance.

incfile online legal service for business formation

If you’re confused about legal entity your business need to take, but are not looking to pay a lot in legal fee, Incfile is your answer. establishing yours as a legal entity.

founded in 2004 and has since served over 350,000 businesses, helping get their businesses formed and providing tax support. It has got great review with an A+ rating with almost 7-stars on the Better Business Burnibincfile pricing

Responsive customer No added fees apart from state fee on basic plan.

Free registered agent service for one year.

Business tax consultation and filing service available.

Cons No custom legal forms.

No direct access to an attorney/legal counsel.

If you’re looking to register your business entity and get set up with zero hassle, sign up for service now.

4 . AVVO

Best Online Legal Forum and Directory for Legal Advice and Finding Attorney.

avvo online legal forum and directory

Sometime all you need is legal advice from a professional nothing more. Avvo is your perfect solution. Founded in 2008 by an attorney, Avvo has grown to become one of the largest online directories for lawyers and direct-to-lawyer Q&As.

The site has an active forum where you can quick post any legal question and get it answered within hour by any of the lawyer on the platform. To date, million of questions and answer have been posted in their forum.

Free question and answer forum

Free directory of reviewed attorneys

Free access to legal forms


No added legal services

Ask a free question on Avvo today.

5. UpCounsel.

Best Marketplace for Finding Qualified and Affordable Attorney.

upcounsel best legal marketplace for finding attorneys

For those looking to hire lawyer qualified to handle their unique case on their budget, UpCounsel does just that. It is a legal marketplace where you can find the right kind of attorney to handle your case interviewing the attorney to make sure they are a good fit.

Designed to work much like how freelance marketplaces work, lets you post your job/ request online and wait for proposals from qualified attorneys who think they can handle your case.


Free to post a job

Free consultations before hiring

Possible to find attorney in the same city/ location as you


Long response time for attorneys

Only support via email

Find your next attorney on UpCounsel today!

6. LegalZoom.

Best All-Round Option for Affordable Personal and Business Legal Needs.

legalzoom online legal service for individuals and businesses

With an impressive track record of 500,00+ lawyer-client consultations and 4 million+ customers, is your one-stop-shop for all your personal and small business legal needs.

legalzoom review

60-day money-back guarantee.

Comprehensive legal plan for both businesses and individual.

Tax professional included business plans for no extra fee.


ConsUnresponsive customer service.

Business formation/registration fees could be cheaper.

Get started with LegalZoom today!


Best Online 100% Free LLC Setup Service Software.


IncAuthority will do a Business Name Check within your state the free Corporation.

You are guaranteed never miss a legal notice, as will be your Registered Agent for a year.

A digital copy of your start-up document will be easily accessible in the online client portal, delivered, and stored for you.

Preparation and Filing feature you to prepare entity formation documents and submit them to the state.

8. LegalMatch.

Best Platform For Finding -Vetted and Highly Reviewed Local Attorneys.

legalmatch legal platform to find local attorneys

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Any RoR Gujarat Land Record – Check Your Land Records @anyror.gujarat.gov.in

Any RoR Gujarat Land History – Check Your Land Records @anyror.gujarat.gov.in

Type of land history that can be checked through Any ROR Gujarat:

1. Login to AnyROR website


2. Out of the 3 alternative provided – Land History Rural, Record Urban and Find, select one as per your search formula

3. You will be redirected the next page that provides  -down with options such as-

Gujarat.Importance of Gujarat Records of Rights

Video જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

     1. Old Scanned -7/12 Detail

     2. Know  By Owner Name

     3. 135-D Notice For Mutation

     4. Old Scanned -6 Entry 

     5. Entry List By Month-Year

     6. 7 Survey No Details

     7. Details

     8. -6 Entry Details

     9. New Survey No From

    10. Old For Promulgated Village

    11.  Survey No Details

    12. Revenue Case Details

  • Gujarati Video Tutorial For How to Get A Old Land Record In Just Minutes @anyror gujarat gov in

ઓફિશિયલ વેબસાઈટ પર જવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

Requirements of Land Records:

4. Select one option as per your search  and fill all the -land-record

5. Click on Record Detail  get necessary information

Benefits of  Anywhere Gujarat

1. Protects ownership right of the land

2 Bank loan are easily available   

3. In case of land dispute and litigation   an important document in determining the ownership

4. Is a vital document while selling theand this help  buyer to cross-check land detail

5. The application is free of value and consume a time check history

6. Types of land record  Gujarat

7. The portal provides government verified form  maintain and updated land  online.  type of land records are-

8. VF 6 (Village Form 6) – The day change  land record is maintained by the Village Accountant i is obtained by VF 6

9. VF 7 (Village Form 7) – It is also well known  

10. VF  (Village Form ) – It provides detail

11. 155 D – It is a Announcement to a Mutation. When  person  for variation, the Village Accountant issues 

Services offered on Any  Gujarat 

 Gujarat provides the below services

1. Rural Land Records

2. Urban Land Record

3. Property search

4. Online application  obtain permission to , to pay premium, and so on 

How to check Rural  record in Gujarat?

Follow the below step obtain rural record-

1. Login to  website


2. On the home page click  Land Record  

3. You will be redirected below 


4. Select any of the below-mentioned 

Old Scanned-7/12 Detail

Know  By Owner Name

135-D Notice For Mutation

Old Scanned -6 Entry Detail

Entry List By Month-Year

-7 Survey No Detail


6 Entry Details

New Survey No From

Old For Promulgated Village

Integrated Survey No Detail

Revenue Case Detail

5. Select the District,  Village and enter the 

6. Click on Get Record Details 

How to check Urban land records  Gujarat?

Steps to obtain urban land 

1. Login to website


2. On the home page click 

3. You will be    below page


4. Select any of  below-mentioned option  Select of  Any One

Survey Number Detail

 Number Details

135-D Notice detail

Know survey number by owner name

Entry list by month-year (information of note by year and month)

Know survey number details by 

5. Select the District,   Survey Number and Sheet Number

6. Enter the  and click on Get Record Detail


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weather cheking app in india

1. THE


the Available both Android and iOS, The Weather Channel app is one of the world’s oldest and most popular weather apps. Garnering million of reviews and download over the past few years, it has left no stone to deliver a user experience. it is free! Featuring a streamlined and alluring user interface, the app tell you what you want to know promptly and. The Weather Channel app offer everything in place, ranging from wind and visibility on an hourly or daily basis to interactive weather map. With state-of-the-art feature, app lets you know the status of the weather around you all the time. if you are looking a weather app is straightforward and simple, Weather Channel is the best match for you

be imported.

The disappointment is high when your weather app wrong information and rains all over your parade. with Clime: Weather Radar app, such problems would become a thing of the past! But what exactly make it amongst the best weather app on both Android and Well, it is its satellite and Radar interface that isn’t only precise but also display snow, or any other type of precipitation in a sleek real-time overlay. also comes along with a 24-hour rain forecast map that give you comprehensive information regarding rain. The Clime: Weather Radar app include a premium subscription that give you access to severe weather alerts and a temperature map. , the subscription model also remove all the pesky ads
Download App

+The CARROT Weather app has taken daily weather to the next level by combining them with sarcasm and humour. It allow you to set a personality preference, and you can configure the app sense of humour to be friendly, dark, or snarky. It can give you the gloomiest of information using design and sarcastic comment, making sure you have a good laugh whenever you open the app. In terms of accuracy, application source the meteorological data from Dark Sky that enable it to provide real-time, hourly, and even -6 . Earlier, the app was only available for iOS user but considering it popularity, it soon landed on the Android platform as well. has both free and paid version, where the paid model features ad-free content home screen widget, and surprisingly time machine, through you can tap into the weather history of any place up to 60 years in the past.
Download App

4.price in India
In case there is a developing weather condition your locality, and you need reliable hands-on information,g could help you out big time. It is completely free of cost and provide a wealth meteorological information, ranging from pollen count to hurricane forecast and air quality. Pulling data from multiple source, such as satellite, tracking stations, and weather service, along with 17 different maps, rest assured it can deliver the most accurate weather conditions. also spot-on as it feel too cramped up. Overall, the Weather Bug is undoubtedly amongst the best weather apps out there
Download App
If you have sensitive skin and need to check the UV levels each time you leave home, must take a look at Weather Underground. It relies upon a dense network of up to 300,000 personal weather station to ensure accurate and reliable data. The application not only indicate current temperature but also computes the pressure, dew point, and even UV risk! all-inclusive weather map you to customise the data according to your preference Weather Underground’ is intuitive and simple that makes representation easier to understand. So, in case you are into graphic and are only interested in weather data, the Weather Underground app should be ideal for you.
Download App


AccuWeather price in India

This award-winning weather app is a solution for those who want the most accurate weather forecast for the next few hours, thanks to its feature. This functionality of app provide you with a detailed minute-by-minute forecast for two hour, making sure you are aware of the local weather conditions. popular choice amongst both iOS and Android user, gives you hourly, daily, and even 15-day forecasts. the feature that let it stand out from the crowd is its integration feature with calendar. It weather alerts for incoming thunderstorms high winds that make it a complete package.

Download App

Yahoo Weather price in India
The Yahoo Weather app feature striking user interface, which isn’t only informative but also gorgeous. on your location, the app display an image that suits your locality along with the local time and weather condition.interactive radars and heat and satellite map, the Yahoo Weather app gives a refined experience to its users. offer more meteorological data or greater graphic, but the compact and clean organisation of the Yahoo Weather app make one of the best weather app on both Android and iOS.

Download App

AirVisual Air Quality Forecast price in India

As pollution is rising every day, being aware air quality is getting more and more important. Some may say it’s more important than knowing it will rain or not With the Air Visual Air Quality Forecast app, you would be able to observe both the air quality and of your area. It has a 8-day forecast feature that lets you know the upcoming weather conditions. Moreover, it also has an enhanced user interface that ensure you can seamlessly navigate throughout the app without getting confused. You can view the air quality of countrieS across the globe in either a 2D map that adds to the overall user experience.

Download App


Weather Live Free price in India

The Weather Live Free app has made it top ten because of vivid display and easy-to-use interface. this app, you can add different place from around the globe and even switch from city to city conveniently. calculate and displays the current weather condition along with 24-hour and 7-day forecasts. Its unique selling point that apart from providing generic weather condition, it also indicate the daily sunrise and sunset time. In addition to , it feature phases of the moon as well! Being simple, straightforward, it is surely one of the best weather app.

Download App


Unlike other weather app that make you go crazy with pop-up ads, the Hello Weather application would give updates straightforwardly without any spam. It give clear-cut information on a single screen, making sure user experience is top-notch and . It feature a built-in radar that allows you to observe what OF is coming r way. Moreover, since it is powered by ,and, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that its weather information is always accurate. Featuring an automatic night mode , Hello Weather app has every possible function up its sleeves to give you the best user experience.

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