No. 18/02/2018 Gujarat Public Service Commission Important Advertisement The following details of the advertisements published by the Commission are to be examined.  The syllabus of primary / main written examination of these posts is available on the website of the Commission  .  Place Name Advertisement No. Primary / Main Written Admission Date Date and Time of Download Date.  (1) (2) (3) (3) State Tax Inspector, Class-II 102 / 2016-20 / 05/05 / 2031-11: 00 to 1:00 Gujarat Administrative Service Class-1, Gujarat Civil Service Class –  1/2 08/05 / 2021-10: 00 to 4:00 and Gujarat Nagar Palika Chief Officer Service, Class-3 10 / 2016-20] 18/09 / 2021-10: 00 to 4:00 5 / 0r  / 201 Main Written Examination) 16/09 / 201-10: 00 to 9:00 Gujarat Administrative Service Class-1, Gujarat Civil Service Class-1/4 and Gujarat Nagar Palika Chief Officer Service, Class-32  / 2020-21 |  31/09 / 3021-10: 00 to 5:00 10/03/201 Preliminary Test) Note: (1) Out of the above examinations, Advertisement No. 102 / 2016-20 and 8 / 2020-201 are the primary test which is OMR system.  Will be taken.  While the examination of Advertisement No. 10 / 2016-20 is the main written test which is of descriptive type.  (2) The Commission has decided to allow all the candidates of the above advertisements to appear in this test on a temporary basis. Candidates concerned in the above advertisements should submit their admission papers and instructions of the candidates from 12:00 noon on the date mentioned in column-2 till the commencement of the examination day (Appendix-1 and  2) “Online” must be downloaded.  

Which should be kept together in the examination room and should be taken back by the candidates after completion of the examination.  Admission to the examination center will not be possible without an admission card.  (3) In order to download the admission form “Online”, the candidates have to take the following stepwise stepwise procedure.  (1) Go to  (3) “Call Letter / Form” »” Preliminary Call Letter / Main Exam Call Letter / Form “U?” Click “SPG. (3) 24st G7 € az ulaloll” Job Select “sed nul” Confirmation Number “20” Birth  Date “.  (2) Now you have to click on “Print CallLetter” to get the print of the admission card.  Clicking on Appendix-1 and Appendix-2 inside the note in the admission form will print the instructions of the candidate (Appendix-1 and Appendix-2).  

Note that all these documents are printed accurately.  Special Note: – Post Office Online Application Fee Non-Reserved Candidates who have not paid the application fee will not be able to download the Admission Form.  Such process charge of Rs.200 / – in cash during office hours till the next working day of the examination has to be paid in cash or by going to -> in FEES MODULE-> PROCESSING FEE TO UNBLOCK CALL LETTER  After selecting the advertisement, entering the confirmation number and date of birth, you will have to pay an online process charge of Rs.500. If for any reason this system does not issue the admission card even after paying your rupee, you can fill in the details in this module and click on “CHECK YOUR PAYMNET STATUs”.  

Only then will the admission be allowed to be downloaded, which should be noted by the concerned candidates. Candidates whose application form has been confirmed and application fee has been paid within the time limit, yet the admission form is not downloaded or the message “Application Not Found” appears on the website.  Candidates should contact the Commission face to face with the proof of application during office hours at the office of the Commission till the next 07 working days of late examination or send the details of advertisement order, confirmation and application order with access to payment at  Is stated.  Date-2/05/2011 follow us on: a GPSC OFFICIAL CGPSC (Official)

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